Release your retail sales potential

Take retail sales operations to a brand new level

Do you want to get your brand´s retail sales in shape?SaleMate is here to help!

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Streamlined performance

SaleMate will skyrocket your retail sales operations. Most of our clients increase sales and productivity with 5-10 % per month or more.

Let the systems algorithms trim your setup and reveal how you optimize your sales campaigns and the performance of your permanent field force and special tactical promo teams. You can draw on automatic performance and KPI Tracker for individuals and teams –and let them work to fulfill their targets and goals– as well as using Retailer Compliance to ensure product availability in your shops to increase sales. This will help you quickly optimize your investments.

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Data-driven decisions

Tired of boring, drill-down analyses where you can’t compare the sales data you like? Don’t despair. This easy digital tool gets you an instant, fundamental overview of all your retail sales and marketing operations for better decision making – based on accurate data-driven reporting. So now you can turn insights into actions – and actions into better sales results.

Get the big picture as you go with 24/7 live insights of your sales operations, and turn live data into your teams’ instant next actions. Turn drill-down analysis into dynamic automatic reports tomorrow and have customized and superior reports in the future. You’ll get an easy, personalized and dynamic dashboard with complete performance overview at your fingertips. You can make comparative analyses between all stores. Get an intuitive report generator that combines graphs, tables, lists, pictures and maps – instantly turning your new insights into actions to raise sales.

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Smart retail

Successful planning and execution of retail sales operations has never been easier.

SaleMate has built-in retail knowledge, so you can draw on two decades of best practice retail cases from world-leading brands. This means, for example, that when you start a new retail project from scratch, you’ll get suggestions for the best starting point based on best practice from more than 15,000 cases. This easy way of working will instantly get you into a good workflow.

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Tailored interfaces

SaleMate lets you set up profiles for field teams, sales operations and management. You’ll get an intuitive digital tool to plan and implement roll-out retail sales activities for both your permanent field force and in tactical activities. With a flexible campaign and activity setup, you can deploy resources and optimize workflow – and use intelligent visit planning on the fly to maximize productivity and add the most value where it’s needed.

You might want to know what store you should book your next meeting in? SaleMate will tell you. You have dashboards for Sales Managers, Retail Managers and your Field Force – customizable for your needs across all devices. In this way, you can get a tailored perspective and track what offers the most value in your work by adding and taking away features. You could, for example, track a specific roll-out of material – put the graph up on your dashboard and track the roll-out live.

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